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The No Bang Theory - Oliver is wearing a Big Bang Theory shirt against a red background

The No Bang Theory
Presented by Oliver Hetherington-Page and indelabilityarts

About this Event

Oliver Hetherington-Page hates Sheldon Cooper. That's why his first one-man cabaret is so heavily obsessed with the lead character of The Big Bang Theory. It’s time to set the record straight. Oliver is an artist on the autism spectrum, he’s constantly fighting against the stereotypes popular culture tells the world about the condition. Authentic representation of autism stories on stage is the best way to defeat the Sheldon Cooper syndrome, according to Oliver. Sheldon is a science nerd. Oliver is a theatre kid. Sheldon is obsessed with trains. Oliver is hyper-fixated on musicals. Sheldon has a girlfriend. Oliver is desperately waiting for 'that' Big Bang. The No Bang Theory is a musical journey from dating disasters to diagnosis through #actuallyautistic eyes.

Oliver Hetherington-Page

Oliver Hetherington-Page is an emerging artist who graduated from QUT with a BFA Drama (With Distinction) 2019. While the degree took three years, in truth he had been studying acting is whole life. For people on the autism spectrum like Oliver, social conventions often don’t come naturally so they spend their lives studying and imitating others. In short, Oliver was born to act. Since graduating, Oliver has volunteered for Imaginary Theatre and is a member of Indelabilityarts ensemble. Oliver began studying performance with Fame Theatre Company at age five and has also performed with Little Red Theatre Company, Brisbane Arts Theatre, Brisbane Youth Drama Ensemble, Harvest Rain and Studio Theatre. Oliver is excited for The No Bang to have it's SA premiere as a part of the Adelaide Fringe.



Darwin Entertainment Centre

June 10th, 2023

Chameleon & The No Bang Theory

Moncrieff Entertainment Centre

June 17th, 2023


The No Bang Theory - Oliver Jazz Hands
The No Bang Theory - Oliver wearing white jacket and red pants
The No Bang Theory - Oliver wearing paisley jacket and looking to the sky
The No Bang Theory - Oliver wearing a white jacket standing under a spotlight
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