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Cartoon drawings of items from Wilbur the Optical Whale including glasses, bubbles, and starfish.
White bold text reading, "WHERE IS WILBUR IN 2023...?"

Keep checking for new dates, and for tickets to go on sale for the following places.

PIP Theatre

14th December

10.30am + 1.00pm

Neon PIP Theatre logo in blue and yellow.

Perth Fringe

3rd + 4th February

10.30am + 1.00pm

A cartoon drawing of bubbles.

indelabilityarts is pleased to present our latest production, 'Wilbur the Optical Whale'.

'Wilbur the Optical Whale' is an enchanting story set under the sea, where children are taken on an immersive journey engaging with the environment around them. Employing art forms including circus, interactive visuals and sound design, our young

audience will take a deep-sea sensory dive to meet Wilbur and his cheeky friends.


Written by core ensemble member Karen Lee Roberts, indelabiltyarts is excited to be collaborating with Flipside Circus, Clint Bolster and Elise Greig to bring this Story to Life with the support of Qld Arts Showcase Program Funding (QASP) through the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (JWCoCA).

indelabilityarts was the proud recipient of the Adelaide Fringe Weekly Innovation Award and Overall Access Award for Wilbur the Optical Whale.

A cartoon drawing of Wilbur the whale. He is wearing glasses and bowtie, and is blowing water. Surrounding him are starfish and bubbles.

Digital program now available!

A cartoon drawing of bubbles.
A cartoon drawing of bubbles.
Brisbane City Council logo.
Pink Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund logo.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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