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Claiming through the NDIS...

indelabilityarts is no longer a registered NDIS service provider however there is still an option for you to claim the funds back from the NDIS in your user portal. If you are plan-managed or self-managed, and our services are relevant to your plan then you can access unregistered services and use your funds to still participate!


The workshops cover a range of things and provide the following:

  • Assistance with participants' social and communication skills

  • Assistance with teamwork and relationships

  • Assistance with confidence building in daily life and performance

  • The teaching of the ins- and - outs of theatre performance from industry-trained professionals

  • Assistance with working on spatial awareness and physical awareness. 

  • Actor training exercises and applied theatre techniques

  • Support for people with disability to pursue their goals

  • Support for people with disabilities to live independently.

  • Skills building to actively participate in the community.

We send invoices to you once you have signed up for our workshops or private lessons. If you need your invoice to have something specific added to help you when making your claim, please contact

We are happy to help with your invoicing etc, however, if you do have any specific questions about the NDIS or your plan, then this is best directed to your case manager or you can call the NDIS directly on 1800 800 110.

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