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With the pandemic now not being so present in our everyday lives, we are all able to move on and continue doing what we do best. However, we still need to be careful and keep practicing some of the things that we put in place to keep us all safe.

Although social distancing is now a thing of the past, we will still be doing the following to maintain a healthy workspace. We learned a lot during the pandemic, and it is important we take some of that with us now and put it into our everyday lives.


  • we will continue to adhere to the National COVID- 19 Safe Work Principles

  • adhering to our safety checklist and covid safe plan where still relevant

  • increased cleaning of all high-contact areas to ensure the safety of visitors and staff

  • hand sanitiser stations are located at all entry points and we have them on hand with us when touring. 

  • signage in regard to hygiene has remained where needed

  • adapting our workshops to allow for social distancing and also for people to participate online if preferred or required.

  • Signing in when entering any of our workspaces. 


We will continue to update you as we move through this process together, but if you do have any questions then please feel free to contact us by emailing


Stay safe! 


Updated: 19th January 2023




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