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Providing creative opportunities for

Queensland disabled and neurodivergent artists.

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indelabilityarts is an inclusive theatre company that provides professional artistic and training opportunities for artists and community members who identify as disabled or neurodivergent. Our professional ensemble creates original work that communicates the lived experience of each artist across a range of performance modes to challenge the perceptions of audiences and industry alike. We further nurture the social, personal, physical and mental well-being of participants through our workshop series that offers ongoing skills development and training for community members with a passion and interest in the performing arts. Through our inclusive practice, we aim to foster acceptance and understanding for those who usually feel marginalised, discriminated against, or excluded from arts practice so that they can access and make work that both reflects their experience and caters to their needs.

indelabilityarts seeks to fill a gap within arts and disability service provision, particularly for school leavers, by offering ongoing, skills-based training in the arts and creating professional artistic opportunities for disabled community members. In undertaking actor training, our workshop participants improve their physical and spatial awareness, develop their social and communication skills and therefore their confidence, and by expressing their identity and discovering a place where they belong, they also improve their mental wellbeing. Our professional ensemble members take a leadership role within the workshops, mentoring less experienced participants, passing on their skills, and being positive role models within the community. Our workshop series directly benefits participants, their families and social networks, but also has a broader social impact by working to overcome barriers to participation in the arts and therefore wider social prejudices.


More broadly within the community we are working to connect different organisations – from the arts industry to the disability sector – to promote accessibility and inclusivity within arts practices and community spaces. So far we have connected culturally across arts, disability, and other foundations including: the Endeavour Foundation, Billy Blue School of Design, Brisbane Powerhouse, La Boite, MND and Me Foundation, Redland Performing Arts Centre, Arts Centre Gold Coast, Creative Access, Communify, Homunculus Theatre, and the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland to help bridge the gap between disabled artists and audiences and arts/cultural organisations. 

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