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A photo of a woman wearing dramatic makeup. White text over the image reads, '2023 workshop dates. The focus of the drama workshops: Actor training exercises; applied theatre techniques; develop skills, knowledge and confidence in theatre making. 2023 dates available below'.
A pink and red award laurel for winning at Fringe World Perth. Black text beneath the image reads, 'Wilbur the Optical Whale won the 'children's events weekly award at Fringe World Perth'.
A text based image that reads, 'Subscribe to receive our newsletter. We email subscribers once a month to let you know what we are up to and where you can find us next.' In the centre of the image are letters in newspaper font that read, 'NEWS'.

Wilbur the Optical Whale

Where is Wilbur and his friends headed to next...
A drawing of Wilbur the Optical Whale wearing red glasses and a bow tie. He is surrounded by starfish and bubbles and is blowing water into the air.
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